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Missionary Sahil


I was born February 23, 1990, into a non-Christian family in India. My parents passed away when I was a small child. After that, my uncle took care of me.

However, as days passed by, I fell sick. My uncle rushed me to the hospital. After checkup, the doctor told me that I have boils in my neck and gave me injection for cure. But nothing changed my situation.

It was at this time, one of the pastors happened to come to our house and saw me struggling with this sickness. Moreover, he encouraged me to attend the healing crusade. Thus, with a great expectation of being healed, I attended the program. The pastor shared the Word of God. He told us to put a firm faith in Christ. Hearing this, I prayed to Jesus to heal me. Later, the pastor prayed for the people who were sick. While praying, I felt the power of God that touched my body. As days passed by, my boils became dry. Eventually, I got healing. Moreover, I confessed my sins and received Jesus as my Savior.

After transformation, I dedicated my life for the service of God. Then on, I prayed earnestly for this concern and prepared myself for the ministry. When I was confirmed of my call, I joined a Gospel for Asia Bible School.

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