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Missionary Jyoti



I was born December 12, 1993, into a believers’ family in India. The financial condition of my family is very poor. From childhood, I was brought up in a God-fearing manner and prayer was given much importance.

In my youth, I suffered from a severe abdominal pain and my parents took me to a nearby hospital. Being unable to afford the expense of the treatment, they took me back home. They cried out to the Lord for my healing.

During this time, a pastor visited us and shared the Gospel with us. He encouraged us from the Word and earnestly prayed for my healing. Amazingly, I was recovered from my ailment and was thankful to the Lord for healing me. In the meantime, through the constant sharing and praying of the pastor, I was convicted of my sins. Then, by confessing my sins, I received Jesus as my personal Savior.

After having been saved, I regularly attended the church services and also involved in various spiritual activities with great pleasure. I fasted and prayed to God to know His will for my life. As a result, God confirmed me of His call and I enrolled in a Gospel for Asia Bible School to study the Word systematically.

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