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Missionary Bhaben


I was born October 6, 1986 into a nominal Christian family in India. Being born and brought up in a Christian family never impacted my lifestyle. Thus, I did not share a personal relationship with the Lord.

After completing my tenth grade, I started a grocery shop and initially it was going well. Gradually, as I started making money, I started practicing bad habits. Seeing my lifestyle, my parents decided to get me married so that I would be changed.

Likewise I got married but there was no change in my behavior. However, my wife approached her uncle who was a pastor to counsel me. One day, he came to our home and shared the Gospel with us. He explained to me the consequence of my bad habits. As he spoke to me the Holy Spirit started working in me and I was convicted of leading a sinful life. No sooner, I confessed my sins and received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.

After the real transformation, I began to attend the church regularly and spent time in reading the Word of God. Slowly, a desire grew in my heart to learn the Word systematically. As I prayed continuously to Jesus, He showed me a way through my friend who has been serving the Lord. Soon, I enrolled in a GFA Bible School.

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