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Missionary Shafqat


I was born February 10, 1994, into a non-Christian family in India. From childhood, we were strictly taught to follow the faith and practices of Islamic faith.

I grew up under the custom and rules of our faith. But my father had a Christian friend who shared with him the Gospel of Jesus and he secretly received Jesus as Savior. Finally, on a particular day, he shared with my mother and it was the day when a great fight happened in our home. But as days passed by, God worked in my mother’s life and she too received Jesus as her Savior.

After her conversion, my mother’s life was changed and she became a devout believer of Jesus. Eager to bring me up in the fear of the Lord, She began sharing the Good News of Jesus with me. Convinced of her sharing, I began to attend the Sunday worship service. One Sunday service, I felt God speaking to me through the preaching. The Word touched my heart and I realized that I was a sinner. So, I confessed and received Jesus as my Savior.

After this, I began to experience peace in my heart. As I started to pray and meditate on the Word, I realized God’s call to do the ministry. After intense prayer, God confirmed me. I enrolled in a GFA Bible School.

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