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Missionary Za


I was born on January 19, 1984 into a believers' family in Myanmar. Yet I did not use the privilege the Lord gave me to grow up in godly ways.
Befriended by worldly guys I went around loving the world and its pleasures. I disobeyed my parents and lived without Christ.
However, my parents’ prayers were not in vain. One day I happened to meet a man of God working in our village. The missionary talked to me about the Savior. I was deeply touched when he shared about the sacrificial death of Christ. I understood Jesus loves me despite my wretchedness, and He wants me to be His child. I confessed my sins to Jesus and received Him as my personal Savior.
I spent time in praying and meditating on the Word, seeking to draw close to Him.
Meanwhile a great desire grew in me to study the Word. While beseeching God, He called me for His service and opened a door for me to enroll in a GFA training center.

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