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Missionary Moe



I was born on August 4, 1985 into a believers' family in Myanmar. My parents were pious. They sent me to Sunday school and encouraged me to attend other spiritual programs.
When I reached my teens, I was attracted to the pleasures of the world. Since I was very short-tempered, it caused a lot of trouble and problems for me.
During this time, an evangelist came home. I shared my problems with him, and he encouraged me from the Word. He then asked me to read Romans: 5:8.
Then the Lord’s servant helped me understand it. I opened my heart to Jesus, asking Him to forgive my iniquity. Then I felt divine joy flooding my wandering soul.
From then on, my attitude changed drastically. Gradually, there grew a great burden in me to share this love to others. As I sought the Lord, He assured me that I am called to serve Him. Thus, I enrolled in a Gospel for Asia Bible School.

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