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Missionary Siang



I was born on August 10, 1973 in a believers’ family in Myanmar. My mother has been the spiritual guide since childhood. I was regular in attending Sunday school, worship services and youth meetings.
As the years went by, I began to move away from God. I spent most of my time in playing soccer with my friends. I became stubborn not willing to heed to the instructions of my mother. The worldly things gave me more pleasure than anything else. Even then my mother never gave up but continued to pray for me that God would intervene in my life.
One day as mother was explaining about the love of God, I understood the depth of God’s love. I confessed my sins and turned back to God. There was much joy in my heart. Again I started participating in church activities.
As I spent much time in the Lord’s presence, my heart was infused with the burden for the lost souls. Being confirmed of His call, I joined a Gospel for Asia Bible School.

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