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Missionary Dhan


I was born on November 12, 1969 into a non-Christian family in Nepal. Slowly, I understood that my religion could not give me the peace I wanted.
My parents compelled me to get married to a pagan woman as their only aim was to find a help for them in doing the domestic work. As the years passed by, unfortunately all my children fell sick often and it brought great disappointment in my life.
Constant sickness submerged us into severe financial instability. It was during this time, while I was traveling to a nearby town I overheard two men talking about the healing power of Christ Jesus. Out of curiosity, I asked them to explain more about the Lord. Thus, they shared with me about Christ Jesus and gave me a Gospel booklet. As I read, I received Him as my personal Savior.
Gradually, the Lord burdened my heart for the lost souls and I prayers earnestly for God’s will in my life. At the due time, He confirmed my call and I enrolled in a GFA Bible School.

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