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Missionary Prem


I was born on July 26, 1987 in a non-Christian family in Nepal. My parents followed the traditional beliefs. As they instructed me, I visited temples to worship idols.
Quite often I had seen my mother in the sickbed, suffering from a severe disease. We took her to several hospitals, but there was no change. During this time, a group of Christians visited our village. Hearing that they would pray for the sick, we took our mother to them.
The living Word touched my mother Right then, she received Jesus as her personal Savior. The very day, the Almighty healed her.
With much thirst, I started to attend a church. As days passed, I realized my need for developing a personal relationship with Jesus. Repenting of my sins, I welcomed Christ into my heart as my personal Savior.
Meantime, I started to share God’s love with them. Days passed, my passion for the lost increased. When my Savior confirmed my calling, I enrolled in a GFA Bible School.

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