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Neha Telenga

Birthday: 09/28/04

Country: India

Mithun Kishan

Birthday: 12/30/03

Country: India

Rupali Shawra

Birthday: 11/20/03

Country: India

Chutu Tamoria

Birthday: 10/09/04

Country: India

Ayesha Nag

Birthday: 05/15/06

Country: India

Dharitri Bhumij

Birthday: 02/27/04

Country: India

Ranjit Chungkrang

Birthday: 09/09/04

Country: India

Krish Doley

Birthday: 01/16/05

Country: India

Rajib Pegu

Birthday: 09/06/03

Country: India

Krishna Kanta Payeng

Birthday: 02/29/04

Country: India

Bhayati Pegu

Birthday: 09/20/03

Country: India

Longki Tisso

Birthday: 05/16/04

Country: India

Plurus Marak

Birthday: 09/28/04

Country: India

Edwin Rongpi

Birthday: 12/20/03

Country: India

Jirsong Killing

Birthday: 12/16/06

Country: India

You can help change the life of a child. Sponsoring a child for $35 a month gives that child a quality education, a daily meal and regular medical checkups through Gospel for Asia's Bridge of Hope Program. Through your partnership with Bridge of Hope, the child you sponsor and their family will gain a brighter future, and many will experience incredible love.

3,146 children awaiting sponsorship

Many of the 70,000 children in our Bridge of Hope Program are waiting for permanent sponsors.

Sponsoring a child today will help us provide for them.

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