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Goyir Gamlin

Birthday: 07/02/05

Country: India

Seema Deuri

Birthday: 07/25/04

Country: India

Simon Bagh

Birthday: 06/20/03

Country: India

Marsum Gamkak Gemar

Birthday: 02/08/05

Country: India

Danial Rongphar

Birthday: 11/28/01

Country: India

Luhit Jyoti Yein

Birthday: 08/06/02

Country: India

Gitul Chungkrang

Birthday: 07/16/02

Country: India

Jayanta Doley

Birthday: 07/06/02

Country: India

Mayuri Bhumij

Birthday: 10/16/03

Country: India

Radika Timungpi

Birthday: 08/25/03

Country: India

Bhuban Gogoi

Birthday: 09/16/02

Country: India

Rajesh Doley

Birthday: 08/14/03

Country: India

Labita Pegu

Birthday: 03/12/04

Country: India

Jugeyswari Dapak

Birthday: 03/29/03

Country: India

Puja Doley

Birthday: 10/19/03

Country: India

You can help change the life of a child. It only takes $35 a month to give a child a quality education, a daily meal and regular medical checkups through Gospel for Asia's Bridge of Hope Program. Even more, your sponsored child may experience Jesus' love at the Bridge of Hope center. Through your partnership with Bridge of Hope, the child you sponsor and their family will gain a far brighter future, and many will experience incredible love.

3,114 child awaiting sponsorship

Many of the 75,000 children in our Bridge of Hope Program are waiting for permanent sponsors.

Your sponsorship today will help us provide for them.

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