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Missionary Manju



I was born into a non-Christian family in India. A few years ago, I lost my parents. Since then, my older brother and sister worked as laborers to support the family. We worshiped various gods and offered sacrifices. In spite of our devotion, there was no peace in my family.

We were under of the bondage of the powers of darkness. I along with my siblings went to different temples but nothing changed. We sought the help of witchdoctors but our family situation remained the same.

In such a situation, I happened to hear about a pastor. The pastor often visited my neighborhood for prayer. One day, I met with him and invited him to my house. From then on, he regularly visited my family and prayed for us. Soon, we experienced God’s deliverance in our family. Witnessing the miracle, my siblings and I began to attend the church and learned more about the love of God. Thus, I confessed my sins and received Jesus as my Savior.

As I spent more time in prayer, the Lord put a burden into my heart to reach those who are living in darkness. I prayed to know God’s will for my life. Soon, the Lord confirmed my calling and I enrolled in a Bible School to equip myself for the Lord’s work. After my studies, I joined the ministry to reach the unreached with His love.


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