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Missionary Pramila


I was born June 9, 1994, into a believers’ family in India. Growing up in a God-fearing Christian family, I took active participation in all the church activities. Everyday, we had our morning and evening prayer and, during this time, my parents used to teach us from the Word.

As time rolled by, I was lured by the worldly pleasures. The teachings that I acquired from my parents and teachers were faded and started to lead a miserable life. I did things that brought pleasure to my heart.

It was at this juncture, a Gospel prayer meeting was organized in our village by our church members. The speaker who came to share the Word was a godly person. During one of those sessions, the Gospel message touched my heart when I heard that Jesus had died on the cross to set me free from all my sins. I then confessed my sins and received Jesus as my Savior.

After transformation, I once again, could experience the same peace that I had experienced in my earlier life. It was at this time, a desire grew in my heart to share the Word among the unreached. As I started to pray to the Lord to open a way for me, I was confirmed of my call to serve Him as a missionary. In obedience to His call, I enrolled in a Gospel for Asia Bible School.

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