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Missionary Hiramani



I was born May 5, 1990, into a non-Christian family in India. Sadly, my mother died when I was a little child and later my father remarried in order to run the family.

Studying in school, I was a good student and very devoted in worshiping the idols. My step-mother was of a cruel nature and always used to ill-treat me. This made me feel very bad because there was no one in the family to comfort me. Meanwhile, I befriended a Christian neighbor who was very good in her nature.

One day, she invited me to attend a Christian meeting. When I attended the meeting, I felt a great peace in my heart because the way people were worshiping was very different from ours. At last, a servant of God preached from the Word, saying that Jesus is the only way to live a peaceful life. As I heard the message, I was convinced that Jesus is the real peacegiver because I had already witnessed it in the worship service. Therefore, I repented from my sins and received Jesus as my personal Savior.

Thereafter, my life was changed. I started spending quality time in prayer and fasting. Eventually, as the lord confirmed me of His calling, I enrolled in a GFA Bible School to be equipped for the ministry ahead.

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