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Missionary Lalitha


I was born into a conservative non-Christian family in India. I have mother and three brothers. My father passed away and now my mother takes care of the household.

After my father’s death, our survival seemed bleak. This crisis compelled me to quit my studies. On the other hand, the fact that our deities did not give us any help to come out of poverty and that made me realize that it was a waste of time to worship them.

One day, my older brother left home and one of my aunts was tormented by the powers of darkness. An evangelist shared the Gospel and prayed for my aunt. Immediately, the powers of darkness left her. Witnessing this miracle, my aunt and mother received Jesus. After sometime, I attended the church with my mother and heard a message. This message touched my heart. There I confessed my sins and received Jesus as my Savior.

Since then, I experienced the peace within and my heart was gripped with the burden for the lost. I prayed to God to reveal His will. Eventually, God confirmed it and I joined a GFA Bible School to study the Word.

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