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Missionary Deuta



I was born into a non-Christian family in Nepal. I have parents and four siblings. My parents were devoted to our faith and practiced all the rituals. I also walked in their footsteps and obeyed them in everything.

As I grew up, I was not satisfied with the rituals I was doing and longed for the real peace. Gradually, I started to search for the true God who would quench my thirst.

One day, I met a pastor who was doing ministry in my village. I shared about my life and longing with him. Hearing this, the pastor shared with me about Jesus and prayed for me. Thereafter, I regularly met with the pastor and he nourished me from the Word of God. Soon, my heart was filled with joy and peace that I had never experienced before. As the Holy Spirit convicted my heart, I confessed my sins and received Jesus as my Savior.

When my family learned about my faith in Christ, they opposed me. Yet, I attended the church regularly. Seeing my interest in church activities, the pastor told me about the Bible training and guided me to seek God’s will. God was so gracious to me and confirmed me of my calling for His ministry. Soon, He opened a way to study His Word in a Bible School to prepare myself for the ministry ahead. After my training, I began to serve the Lord.


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