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Missionary Laxmi


I was born on August 18, 1986 into a non-Christian family in Nepal. I learned to worship many gods, as well as rocks, trees, and the sun and moon.
One day my younger brother passed away. After his death my father became depressed. He would often sit alone for many hours.
During this time, a Christian family came to our village, and shared the Good News. One day, my father also heard the Gospel message and he began attending the fellowship. Soon, he received Jesus as his Savior. In the ensuing days, everyone at home including me came to the saving knowledge of Jesus.
After receiving Jesus into my life, I was totally changed. Moreover, the amazing thing was that my father was no longer depressed.
After we became followers of Christ, our relatives and villagers opposed us. However, God gave us His grace to withstand every trial.
As I was growing in the Lord, I desired to serve Him. The Lord called me to labor in His vineyard. I joined a GFA Bible School.

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