Give Warm Blankets in Jesus’ Name

Join us in providing warmth for both body and soul.

Cold temperatures and frigid winds come to many regions where GFA national missionaries serve. Many people trapped in poverty are defenseless against the lower temperatures because they cannot afford warm clothing or blankets and they live in huts that offer inadequate protection against the winter winds. Prolonged exposure can bring sickness, even death.

But you can help them.

When you give to provide a warm blanket, you give impoverished people not only the means to survive the winter seasons; you offer them hope and the knowledge of God’s love through the missionaries delivering practical help and Christ’s hope.

“I am thankful to [those] for providing me a blanket. Due to the severe cold, I and my wife were struggling to sleep every night. But today I am extremely happy to receive this warm and beautiful blanket. Once again thank you so much.”
—Matvey, a blanket recipient

Give Warm Blankets

Give today, and you can bring warmth to families in need!

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