Gifts from the Stable

Provide for Families for Years to Come

Provide for Families for Years to Come

Millions of families in Asia are entrenched in poverty, barely scraping by. The gift of livestock enables a family to provide for themselves for years to come. And when livestock reproduce, the families can sell the offspring to help meet urgent needs, or they can keep them to make even more profit—and your initial investment will be multiplied!

Beyond the physical benefits of these gifts, the extra income brings dignity to the families, and gratitude wells up in many hearts toward Christ.


Water Buffalo

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$11 per pair

The gift of chickens supplements a family’s income and often helps a family get on its feet financially. A hen can produce around 20 dozen eggs per year. Families can eat or sell the eggs, or hatch and sell the chicks. The family can also increase its revenue by keeping and raising the chicks. Two chickens can become four and then eight; before you know it, a family will have an entire flock on its hands!

“We encouraged our youth group to bring a donation to the youth group Christmas party so we could bless several families with chickens! It was fun to see the students participate by bringing what they were able, and we were thankful because it got them thinking outside of themselves and about the needs of others around the world.”—Matt, MI



$140 per pair

Goats provide plenty of milk for an entire family to drink and sell. The nutritious milk is rich in calcium and other nutrients, keeping families that can’t always afford medical care healthy and happy. Plus, the goats are pretty adorable.


$11 per pair

They're furry. They're cute. And they can change someone's life. A pair of rabbits will quickly multiply, providing a steady diet of healthy meat, and plenty of bunnies to sell.

“I donated as a Christmas gift for my dad. He has everything he needs and enjoys seeing the money I would spend on him go to a better cause.”—John, MN



$65 per pair

Over their lifespan, a pair of pigs can produce several dozen piglets, each of which can be sold or raised to produce more pigs. Imagine all a family could do with the income it’ll receive from the pigs!

“I am so happy for God providing me these two piglets. … These two good-breed piglets [are] going to be a great help for my family.” —Laghuvi


Water Buffalo

$460 each

Water buffalo are powerful animals often used to plow fields. They produce milk that can be drunk or sold, and their dung can be used as fuel for cooking. A water buffalo will greatly improve a family’s financial situation!

“We are so excited to be able to help them out through Gospel for Asia and give a needy family a water buffalo! We’re also thrilled that they will be hearing the Good News of Christ! Nothing is better than that!” —Kristen L., Newmanstown, PA



$65 each

A sheep’s rich milk is an excellent source of calcium and makes delicious cheese. Of course, if the recipient family receives two lambs, those sheep will reproduce, providing even more milk and meat for a needy family.

“It is a great blessing to me every time I make a donation, knowing someone else in great need will be blessed.” —Craig L., Loranger, LA



$375 each

Imagine the joy of a poor husband and wife who are finally able to provide nutritious milk for their children, all because someone donated a cow. The family can also sell the milk—or butter, cheese and yogurt that can be made from it—in the market. When the cow produces calves, they increase the size of the family’s herd or can be sold to provide income for other household needs.

“I am very much grateful to those who do not know me, those who have not seen me, yet they loved me and understood our financial difficulties and gave money to buy this cow.” —Madhul


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