Gifts for Ministry

Give Others the Chance to Hear About Christ and to Grow in Him

Give Others the Chance to Hear About Christ and to Grow in Him

Many people have yet to hear the wonderful story of Christ’s birth. Through these gifts, you can enable missionaries to give others the chance to hear about Jesus, grow in Him, and praise Him in a local fellowship. Through you, many will get the chance to know and worship our Savior!


Vacation Bible School
Bibles and New Testaments
Church Building

All Gifts for Ministry

Bible Society

$7 for Bibles and New Testaments

Many believers in Asia are first-generation believers who grew up knowing nothing of God’s ways, and they’re hungry for His Word. Your donation to Bible Society gives people in Asia their own Bibles or New Testaments, and helps them grow in their knowledge of God and walk more closely with Him.

Gospel Tracts

$1 for 200 tracts

A Gospel tract gives someone the opportunity to read what God did for them—over and over again. Oftentimes, that Gospel tract will be read aloud to others who are illiterate or passed on to someone else who will read it and pass it on to yet another person.

Radio Broadcasts

$45 for 15 Minutes or $180 for a Full Hour.

Gospel for Asia-supported radio programs share Christ’s love and disciple people in more than 100 of Asia’s most common languages. Each year, GFA-supported radio ministry receives about 2 million correspondences from people who have listened to the broadcasts and are asking for prayer or are wanting to know more about Christ. By purchasing radio airtime, you can bless people who may not have any other way of knowing about God’s love.


Place of Worship

$10,000 – $40,000

For believers in many parts of Asia, a church is much more than just a building.

A church building:

  • • Allows people to gather for services despite beating sun or monsoon rain.
  • • Makes weekly prayer meetings and Women’s Fellowship meetings possible when, as is sometimes the case, they weren’t possible before.
  • • Gives credibility to the believers and their God, which means villagers are less likely to persecute the church and more likely to listen to their message.
  • • Brings many more opportunities for ministry, resulting in more people choosing to trust in the grace of God.

The largest of these church buildings can hold 500 people, which means there will be plenty of room for visitors!

“Since we built a permanent church building . . . the opponents are not creating problems anymore. They are coming to Sunday worship services.” —Pastor Haamid


Vacation Bible School


At Vacation Bible School, children sing, dance and learn that God loves them! They make crafts, act in skits and learn cultural songs and dances, and on the last day of VBS, they perform what they’ve learned for their parents. You can help minister to children and their families by providing for Vacation Bible Schools.

“Before I learned to read the Word, I didn’t have much faith in the Lord since I didn’t know much about God’s Word. Now after reading the Word, I am able to understand the Word of God and His leading.” —Taanusiya




A bicycle will save a national worker time. As a result, he’ll be able to minister to more people in his village—and in other villages—and he’ll be able to visit with the believers he disciples more often.

Some bicycles are given to Gospel for Asia-supported workers. Other bicycles are given to the poor so they can earn a better living or get to school from long distances. Through the gifts, recipients experience Christ’s love.

“Because of the bicycle, I was able to go to far, distant villages and tea estates and do ministry.”
—Pastor Dhiraj


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