Read Stories of People Impacted by These Gifts


“This pig has financially helped us in many ways. [By selling piglets], we have bought a goat and chickens, which are also going to be another source of income for our family. We do not have any problems now to pay the school fees for our children and to meet all their needs in school. ... We also have purchased roofing sheets to construct our house. ... I thank God for all the blessings.”

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“With the pull cart, I can travel around and sell onions and potatoes,” Bhrithi shares. “Wherever I find a suitable place, I stand and sell. My earnings have also increased. I can go different places for the sale.”

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“I was really longing for a machine,” Romila recalls. “I have no words to express my feelings and thanks to the church.”

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"Now, no more struggle!" She said. "Having a Bio Sand Water filter was beyond our imagination. But the Lord provided our need. Really, God is so good."

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