Generosity Leads to More Generosity

Imagine trying to support your three young children on an income of only $3 a day. This was the challenge Kalman faced—and poverty’s grip almost overwhelmed his family. The small plot of land they called home wasn’t big enough to farm, so this 44-year-old father was limited to picking up whatever manual labor jobs he could find each day. Even with Kalman’s hard work and dedication, they barely had enough to make ends meet; let alone keep their children in school.

Kalman’s pig provided eight piglets in its first litter!

But a simple Christmas gift brought the beginnings of change for Kalman’s family! In 2012, Kalman received a piglet through a GFA-supported gift distribution at his church. Not too long after the pig was grown, it had a litter of 8 piglets. Kalman was so thankful to God for His provision, and he gave one piglet as a tithe to the church. The seven other piggies went to market and sold for a good price of about $37 each—an incredible step of financial breakthrough for a family who had once struggled so much!

Eighteen Piglets and Counting

In the following months, Kalman’s pig had another 10 piglets, and what a big impact they’ve made. One pig and its eighteen piglets led to huge—and perhaps tasty—blessings for this precious family. Nearly every area of Kalman’s life has been transformed as a result of this gift!

Kalman says, “This pig has financially helped us in many ways. [By selling piglets], we have bought a goat and chickens, which are also going to be another source of income for our family. We do not have any problems now to pay the school fees for our children and to meet all their needs in school. ... We also have purchased roofing sheets to construct our house. ... I thank God for all the blessings.”

Kalman gave one piglet to another family who was in need, helping them start their own financial breakthrough. As the pig grows up, the two families will share the resulting income as partners.

This man experienced generosity through the church and through the gifts of believers around the world, and it spilled out to more generosity—impacting even more lives around him.

Give Christmas Gifts from the Stable

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