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Christmas is one day long, but your Christmas gift can link your life with someone in Asia for an entire year! Bless families and even transform entire communities by helping to provide an education for needy children or by supporting the work of national missionaries. Through your gift, communities will not just hear about Christ but also see that He cares about them—all year long.

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Sponsor a Child for One Year


Millions of children in Asia are held captive by discrimination, poverty and lack of education. Bina used to be one of them. The 5-year-old should have been in school, but she had to work at a brick factory to help feed her family instead. Then Bina was enrolled in a GFA-supported Bridge of Hope center! She received demonstrations of God’s love while she enjoyed a daily meal and learned about math, science, hygiene, respect and love. Instead of grasping bricks, she held a pencil and lived as a first-grader should.

For a little more than $1 a day, you can give other boys and girls a chance to flourish through GFA’s Bridge of Hope Program—someone’s partnership made all the difference for Bina.

“If the Bridge of Hope center would have not been there, Bina might have still worked in that same brick factory as a child laborer and not as a good Bridge of Hope student.” —Bina’s parents

Sponsor a Missionary for One Year


Today, national missionaries are bringing words of life and hope to some of the neediest people in the world. They relate culturally and understand the exact needs of the communities they serve. National missionaries are an integral part of distributing Christmas gifts and offering prayer and counsel to recipients. They live simply and are willing to sacrifice all so others can find the grace and new life Jesus offers.

By sponsoring a missionary, you’ll equip them to serve full time by covering their living and ministry expenses—resulting in lives transformed for eternity.

“The problem and persecution that I have faced is because of the love of Jesus. If I can help the poor and needy, I will encourage them. If I am able to [help] them in some extent, I will do it. That is because of the love of Jesus. I know Jesus loves them, so I love them.” —Pastor Nateshwar

Sponsor a Woman Missionary for One Year


Women missionaries courageously serve in harsh areas to effectively bring hope to some of the most downtrodden people in Asia. They personally relate to the struggles of the women they meet and can minister to women and children unhindered by the cultural boundaries that male missionaries encounter. Women missionaries uplift communities by providing literacy training, prayer, counseling, discipleship for the women in the local church, and news of hope for all who hunger for true love.

By sponsoring a woman missionary, you’ll enable them to minister to those forgotten by much of society. Uplifting the lives of women is one of the most significant ways to transform families and communities.

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