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Sitara's Christmas Goat

"Twenty years ago my husband became mentally ill and could not work. Then my oldest son died. My younger son went to work to provide for the family. He died suddenly three years ago... I had no idea what to do," Sitara shared. A GFA pastor saw this need and stepped in to help with an unlikely gift—a goat!

Sitara is now able to provide for her family and send her children to school.

She said, "When I received the goat I jumped with joy. I shared with all my neighbors ... I went and told them that I received a goat. I'm so delighted because I have a means to earn [a living]."

Gifts from GFA's Christmas Gift Catalog help families overcome poverty and show their communities the grace and compassion of Christ. $140 will provide a pair of goats and a hope for a better future. You can be part of blessing another family like Sitara's with an income-generating gift.

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