Gifts for Missionaries

Help Pastors Serve Their Communities

Help Pastors Serve Their Communities

The gifts below enable national missionaries to do even more to serve their people.

Whether you preference your gift toward bicycles so missionaries can save time traveling, toward lanterns so they can illuminate prayer meetings, or toward winter clothing so they can minister in the cold of winter, you’ll bless not only the missionaries but also the communities they serve.


Winter Clothing
LCD Projector Kit

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A bicycle will save a national worker time. As a result, he’ll be able to minister to more people in his village—and in other villages—and he’ll be able to visit with the believers he disciples more often.

Some bicycles are given to Gospel for Asia-supported workers. Other bicycles are given to the poor so they can earn a better living or get to school from long distances. Through the gifts, recipients experience Christ’s love.

“Because of the bicycle, I was able to go to far, distant villages and tea estates and do ministry.”
—Pastor Dhiraj


Generators for Film Teams


How do you show a movie if you’re in a village that doesn’t have electricity? You bring a generator! This important gift allows film teams to share the love of Jesus through a movie.

Heavy Duty Vehicles


A heavy-duty vehicle gets to remote, hard-to-reach villages quickly, while it would take a team on foot much longer. Because of the vehicle, a mobile team is able to share about the love and sacrifice of Christ with people who may not otherwise get a chance to hear about it.

In addition to transporting the team, the vehicle also carries the heavy load of the team’s equipment, which often includes a generator, a film projector and a sound system. Through the gift of a heavy-duty vehicle, many people will get to celebrate Christ!




Lanterns are given to families in regions that have no electric power and to churches so believers can hold nighttime activities.

“With this lantern I will be able to study for longer time without putting much strain on my eyes.” —Miriam


LCD Projector Kit


An LCD projector kit enables a film team to show movies such as Man of Mercy, an Asian film about the life of Jesus, to crowds of people in Asia. Countless people have taken ahold of the hope found in Christ because they have seen this movie. To offer more people the same opportunity, give an LCD projector kit.



A motorcycle will enable a pastor to serve many fellowships, giving the people the leadership, counsel and prayer they need to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Winter Clothing Packets


Winter clothing packets keep Gospel for Asia-supported workers protected from the cold so they can continue sharing God’s love even in the fiercest winter. The packets also show Christ’s love in a very practical way to people who need to be warmly clothed.

Winter clothing packets often include:

  • • A blanket
  • • A jacket
  • • A sweater

Depending on the region, a packet also may include socks, gloves and other garments.


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