Help Nepal Recover and Rebuild

Bringing Hope & Relief to
Nepal Earthquake Victims

Gospel for Asia-supported workers were on the ground when the earthquakes hit. They were able to provide aid immediately. With a wide reach of 450 churches and 20 Child Sponsorship program centers, we are in a unique position to provide aid where others cannot.

“We were on our way to deliver some relief supplies to a more rural area. We had stopped for a rest and just as we were getting out of the car we heard screaming. I said [to our team], ‘It's another earthquake. Run!’ And we all ran to the first open space we could find and stayed there until it stopped.

“Tomorrow we will continue on with the relief work. Pray that we can get to our destination safely.”

—Gospel for Asia Photojournalist, May 12, 2015

Read firsthand reports like the one above from those who are in Nepal, and read about the relief efforts as food and medical supplies are being provided.

Please join us in this long-term effort as we provide for the needs of the millions affected.

  • Gospel for Asia teams are on the ground bringing emergency water, food, and shelter to those in need.
  • Serving Nepal since 1990, Gospel for Asia is staying in Nepal for the long-haul, right alongside the millions affected.

Gospel for Aisa Compassion Services brings the love of Jesus to the earthquake victims.

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