Part of the destroyed Bridge of Hope center.

GFA leader talks to the parents of Bridge of Hope children. The parents desire for the program to continue helping their children.

In one village of Sri Lanka, there is an abundance of poor children who can't afford to go to school. Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Arjuna began praying for this need and soon opened a GFA Bridge of Hope center.

As a result, 95 children were able to attend school and receive medical care at the Bridge of Hope center. But after a new principal took over the local school, the number of students at the center dropped. Arjuna discovered that the new principal was spreading rumors that the Bridge of Hope staff was forcing children to convert to Christianity.

Through the principal's influence, other villagers and priests started threatening Arjuna to stop working with the children. But the children's parents asked Arjuna to continue giving their children the chance for an education, nutritious food and medical care.

Then, in the middle of the night on July 9, a group of people vandalized the Bridge of Hope center. When Arjuna came to the property then next morning, he found the building completely destroyed.

The following day, GFA leaders traveled to Arjuna's village to help bring the case before police, who have started an investigation. The parents of the Bridge of Hope children gathered around the site where the center once stood. They eagerly await the day when classes can resume.

Please pray for:

  • Provision for a new location or quick rebuilding for the Bridge of Hope center, and that they can resume school activities soon.
  • Safety for Arjuna and all the believers in this time of persecution.
  • Those who destroyed the center to realize how much God loves them.