Pray for Literature and Bibles

“The Word of God continued to spread and flourish,” recorded evangelist Luke in the book of Acts. To this day, the Word of God continues to flourish throughout Asia in the form of Bibles, New Testaments and Christian Literature. These simple pamphlets and booklets clearly explain the Good News in culturally relevant ways.

This month, we have the honor and privilege to pray for the effectiveness of these written words in leading many to joy, hope and life in Jesus. Please join us this month in prayer.

Pray for Ready Hearts to Read Living Words

Countless men and women around the world first hear about Jesus’ love by reading a piece of literature. That literature may have been offered to them by a stranger on the street, given to them by a close friend or discovered in an unexpected place. After reading these simple pamphlets full of powerful words, many men and women discover the abounding grace of Christ and decide to give their hearts to the One they learned about.

Pray God’s Spirit goes with each piece of literature, enabling them to wind up in just the right hands at just the right time.

Pray for Passion

Pastors and GFA workers aren’t the only people who share Christian literature. Many believers in Asia have a passion to share God’s life-giving Word with their families, neighbors and co-workers. God draws many hearts to Himself as people read His words of life and see examples of transformed lives in the body of Christ.

Pray for believers to have a passion to share God’s Word and the hope of Christ. Pray also for those who receive a piece of literature or Bible, that they will pass the message of hope on to family, friends and even strangers.

Pray for Good Connections and Clear Understanding

God often uses literature, Bibles or New Testaments to start conversations between GFA workers and those who want to learn more about Jesus and His love. Those conversations not only build faith, but they also begin beautiful and timeless fellowship and friendships.

Let us pray many men and women will seek local pastors or believers with questions about God. Ask the Lord to fill His servants with the Holy Spirit to answer questions with wisdom and love.

Pray for Boldness and Perseverance

GFA workers never know what they will face when they share about what Jesus has done for them and all of mankind. Some people are very happy to learn of the God who loves them, while others openly reject the words of love. It is not uncommon for believers to face persecution.

Pray that pastors and national missionaries will not be afraid as they serve the Lord. Pray they will have favor with those they have the opportunity to meet. Pray God strengthens every believer to share the message of hope through Christian literature, Bibles or New Testaments.

Pray God’s Word Reaches People in Time

There are still millions of people waiting to hear that Jesus loves them. Many pastors and workers share God’s Word with people who have never heard it before. During this time of global health crisis, people’s hearts are ready for the message of hope. Many elderly people have a higher risk of death and they need to hear about God’s great love for them now.

Pray God’s Word is proclaimed in the corners of the world that have been untouched so far. Pray for hearts that have been waiting for a message of hope to come alive at the Good News shared by pastors and workers through Christian literature and Bible teaching.

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