Pray for Impoverished People Who Need Empowering Gifts

Practical gifts, such as those given through GFA World’s Christmas Gift Catalog, are an important part of our mission to bring the love of Christ to those in need. These gifts include chickens, goats, pigs, cows and other items, including food, tin sheets, bicycles and sewing machines. These gifts generate income or increase families’ quality of life! Through these gifts, GFA missionaries show the true compassion of Christ to those in need. For some families, receiving a piglet means the start of financial stability, or getting a blanket may enable a family to survive the harsh winter cold.

However, such gifts are only possible when God moves in the hearts of His people to give. Join us in prayer this month as we pray for people in need of gifts and for the giving of those gifts.

Pray for Animal Gifts

The gift of a single animal, such as a goat or a water buffalo, may change a family’s life forever. It can provide a source of immediate income and enable a family to climb out of incredible poverty and obtain financial stability.

Please pray GFA missionaries can provide income-generating animals to the families most in need. Pray God will bless the families who receive the animals and will draw their hearts closer to Him.

Pray for Life-Improving Gifts

Many of the families GFA missionaries serve struggle financially and need a stable source of income. These families often live in poorly constructed houses that are unable to keep out the elements during bad weather. Gifts such as sewing machines can provide a source of income; tin roofing sheets can wash away a family’s worry of not having adequate shelter to withstand storms.

Please pray that GFA missionaries can provide life-improving gifts such as tin sheets, sewing machines, bikes and other essential items and that these gifts will truly touch the lives of many families.

Pray for Generous Givers

As important as such life-changing gifts are, those who give to provide these gifts also hold a special place in God’s heart. Through the incredible generosity of these individuals, GFA missionaries can share Christ’s love, help those in need and encourage the downtrodden.

Praise God for all the gifts that have already been given and for all the lives already touched by those gifts. Please pray He will move in the hearts of His people to continue to give or to give for the first time, especially through the GFA Christmas Catalog. Pray that He will bless them for their generosity.

Pray for the Missionaries

With gifts in hand, missionaries are tasked with the important job of giving those gifts to the people who need them the most. This is not always an easy decision. Sometimes there are more needs than gifts. These decisions require a lot of prayer, organization, and insight into the state of the people under their care.

Please pray the missionaries will have wisdom to discern who should receive which gifts. Pray God will open their eyes to those who need the gifts the most.

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