Join Us in Prayer

We invite you and your family to join us in prayer for the people of Asia and their needs.

Gospel for Asia staff has a live streamed prayer meeting the first Friday of every month; however, for a time, we are on a hiatus from this live streaming. We will still share prayer requests with you and will update this page each month with new requests that we, as a staff, have been praying for.

Please continue to pray with us, and together, let's keep on trusting the Lord to do great and mighty things!

Pray with us for this month's topics

Bridge of Hope

Millions of children in Asia grow up with little to no education. But through GFA's Bridge of Hope Program, children are receiving a quality education and so much more—a daily meal, regular medical care and opportunities to grow in their God-given talents, just to name a few.

As children's lives are transformed through Bridge of Hope, they bring new aspirations and knowledge home with them, and their families benefit as a result. Even beyond this, Bridge of Hope centers do much to uplift the communities they serve.

There are many ways we can be praying, but here are just a few of them:

  • Praise God more than 75,000 children are enrolled in Bridge of Hope!
  • Pray each child will be healthy and flourish as they learn and grow.
  • Pray Bridge of Hope teachers will know how to help each child excel in their schoolwork and their individual giftings.
  • Ask God to provide the way for many more Bridge of Hope centers to be started.

Pastors in Asia

The men who pastor GFA-supported churches hold a significant role in the Body of Christ as they help minister to men and women in their congregations. God also gives these pastors opportunities in their day-to-day lives to encourage other people in their villages who may not know Jesus. Let's pray for pastors in Asia as they serve the Lord.

Here are some ideas for prayer:

  • • Praise God He is blessing many through GFA-supported pastors!
  • Pray pastors will be sensitive to God's leading when they prepare sermons, pour into their congregations and connect with people in their areas.
  • Ask God to protect pastors as they serve and give these men good health.
  • Pray every pastor in Asia will have enough financial support for their ministries.

Country Focus: Sri Lanka

Mountains, beaches and jungles all combine to make up the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. Though full of beauty, this country also carries the scars of several decades of war—civil war. Greater peace dwells in Sri Lanka now, but many people are still struggling to rebuild their lives. Severe flooding that occurred last year has only seemed to worsen the problems for people in Sri Lanka. But Gospel for Asia-supported workers have brought relief to hundreds of families through 250 relief packets, and 400 more people received gifts through GFA's Christmas Gift Catalog. (Many of these Christmas gifts are providing a source of income for families impoverished and war-torn.) Let's be praying for Sri Lanka, for the people who received gifts and for many more who are still in need.

Here are some ways we can be praying for these people:

  • Praise God He has provided hundreds of families with food and income-generating gifts through GFA-supported work!
  • Please pray many more people in Sri Lanka will receive relief from last year's flooding.
  • Ask God to bless our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka as they serve Him and love others.
  • Pray many men and women will find healing from the effects of war.

GFA's Donor Services Department

Jesus said to His disciples in Mark 9:35, "If anyone desires to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all." That's the desire of GFA's Donor Services department—to serve others. They do this by processing donations, taking phone calls and answering any questions people have. Staff members in this department will also take time to pray for people over the phone or for those who email in prayer requests. Please be praying for our brothers and sisters who are serving in this department.

Regarding salvation, Jesus says in Matthew 19:26, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." So let's trust and pray to our God who is able to do the impossible.

Here are some ideas for prayer:

  • Praise God He is using these men and women in a significant way!
  • Pray the department will be able to communicate clearly with donors and answer any questions they may have.
  • Pray our brothers and sisters will have continual precision in handling accounts and processing donations.
  • Ask God to give each staff member good health and a closer walk with Him.

Join the Prayer Team

Join with us as we lift up in prayer the people of Asia and their needs. Receive prayer request with a special focus each month from Asia. You can have a part in ministering to those in need, through our most powerful tool, prayer.