Join Us in Prayer

We invite you and your family to join us in prayer for the people of Asia and their needs.

Gospel for Asia staff has a live streamed prayer meeting the first Friday of every month; however, for a time, we are on hiatus from this live streaming. We will still share prayer requests with you and will update this page each month with new requests that we, as a staff, have been praying for.

Please continue to pray with us, and together, let's keep on trusting the Lord to do great and mighty things!

Pray with us for this month's topics

GFA’s Clean Water Ministry

When you took a hot shower recently or poured yourself a cup of water, did you have to stop and think, Is my life at risk?

For many people in Asia, dirty water is a real danger and struggle. Polluted water sources are where many people find their daily supply, which can lead to disease and even death. God sees the needs of these people, and He is equipping pastors to help them through GFA’s clean water ministry. In places where there is no water, Jesus Wells are being drilled; in places where there’s plenty of bad water, BioSand water filters are helping make bacteria-infested water safe to drink. And in His mercy, Jesus is using clean water to bring healing to families, and people are experiencing God’s presence for the first time.

Thank you for praying for GFA’s clean water ministry in Asia! We can:

  • Praise God for the families and villages receiving good, clean water.
  • Pray families in Asia will be able to have clean water and stay healthy.
  • Ask our Lord to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of communities.
  • Pray more Jesus Wells and BioSand water filters will be provided for those in need.

Learn more about GFA’s clean water ministry

Women’s Fellowships

For Christian women in Asia who are new in their faith, having a place where they can fellowship with other believers and hear Christ-centered teachings is so valuable. Through Women’s Fellowships, women receive discipleship, encouragement and prayer support. And as they experience a deeper walk with our Lord, His Spirit overflows through them in a mighty way to impact their families, neighbors and communities.

Here are some ways you can be praying for these women:

  • Praise God for women in Asia who are growing in the Lord.
  • Pray these women will mature in their faith as they are surrounded by other Christian women.
  • Ask God to provide more women with the support they need in their walks with Christ.
  • Pray more women will be a part of Women’s Fellowships in Asia.

Medical Ministry

There are many people in Asia who aren’t able to afford medical care. Others can’t access a hospital even if they want to because their village is so remote. So what can families do if their child breaks a bone or someone they love has a serious medical condition? Through GFA’s Medical Ministry, medical camps are being held for families in Asia who aren’t able to access healthcare. GFA-supported medical workers are trained to help meet many different needs, and many people are finding healing and hope through their work. Praise God!

As you pray for medical ministry in Asia, please:

  • Praise God for the medical camps that are helping families in need!
  • Ask God to help more men, women and children find healing through medical ministry.
  • Pray the medical workers will be able to help and encourage each patient who comes.
  • Pray families will recognize God’s grace in their lives.

GFA Staff Raising Support

God is doing amazing things through missionaries in Asia, and GFA’s U.S. office (we call it our “home office”) is helping enable those brothers and sisters to serve on the field. Each staff member in our home office needs a team of people standing behind them, supporting them through prayer and finances. Individuals are currently raising support to join staff and are diligently looking for those God is calling to be on their support teams. Most staff members continue to raise support while serving full time.

Here are some ways you can be praying for them:

  • Praise God for those whom God has called to serve with GFA.
  • Ask God to provide for each individual or family, both those already on staff and those still raising support.
  • Pray family members, friends, co-workers, pastors and churches will stand with those God has called to GFA.
  • Pray God will encourage and sustain those who are facing challenges in their support raising.

Learn more about serving with GFA

Help Minister to Those in Need — Join the Prayer Team

Join with us as we lift up in prayer the people of South Asia and their needs. Receive prayer request with a special focus each month from Asia. You can have a part in ministering to those in need, through our most powerful tool, prayer.