Pray for National Missionaries

GFA national missionaries have a special heart to share Christ’s love with their neighbors and face few cultural obstacles to do so. These dedicated laborers often serve where no one else is serving, sharing Christ’s love with people who have yet to hear His name. As a result, lives are being transformed and churches are being planted.

But they also face many challenges. They can only continue this work as God enables them and ministry partners support them. Join us this month as we pray for national missionaries.

Pray for Resources

While national missionaries live simply and humbly among the people they serve, they still need resources to live and minister. They need to feed their families, access neighboring communities and obtain materials to tangibly show Christ’s love to others. Resources are necessary to feed the hungry, offer clean water to the thirsty, and provide income-generating gifts to the impoverished.

Please pray missionaries will have the resources necessary to serve the people around them. Pray God will raise up ministry partners to provide for missionaries’ needs.

Pray for Discernment

There are various ways missionaries can demonstrate Christ’s love to people and communities in need. GFA missionaries evaluate the needs around them to address the unique needs in the communities they serve. They need discernment to know how to best serve each individual community and what particular solutions will be most meaningful to the individuals they encounter, all in the name of Christ. For example, some communities are in desperate need of proper sanitation facilities, while other communities may be full of families in need of income-generating gifts, such as goats or sewing machines.

Please pray missionaries will have supernatural discernment and wisdom to respond to the needs surrounding them and best demonstrate Christ’s love to specific communities and individuals.

Pray for More Missionaries

There is much work to be done and many needs to be met, but the laborers are few. More missionaries are needed in Asia and in Africa as GFA World expands ministry efforts. Though national missionaries have made a great impact over the years, many more people still need to learn of Christ’s love. A new generation of missionaries needs to be called, raised and equipped to dedicate their lives to sharing the Good News with those in need.

Please pray God will call many young men and women into full-time service and they will heed His call. Pray these new missionaries will be anointed and effectively equipped for the Lord’s work.

Pray for Renewal

The needs surrounding national missionaries may seem endless, and these workers could easily grow weary of doing good. Some may feel alone; others may simply be tired. Missionaries need periodic renewal to continue the work God has called them to do.

Please pray for national missionaries to be renewed with spiritual vigor and in their passion to share Christ’s love with their communities. Pray God will empower them with His Holy Spirit to do His work.

Pray for Open Hearts

GFA missionaries encounter people from various walks of life and in various circumstances who may not be immediately interested in hearing about God’s love. These individuals may be wayward youth, needy widows or alcoholic fathers. They may need prayer and encouragement. While specific circumstances vary, everyone’s need for Christ’s love is universal, but no man or woman can open another person’s heart.

Please pray God will open hearts to His love. Pray that as missionaries share this love in word and in deed, God will transform people’s lives.

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