Pray for Entire Communities—and Thousands of People—to Find Transformation in Christ’s Love in 2024

As we start a new year, we look forward to the incredible ways that God will use GFA missionaries to bring lasting hope and abundant life to communities in Africa and Asia. We also know that “unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain who build it” (Psalm 127:1).

We desire that more individuals, families and communities will rise above poverty, illiteracy, disease, stigma and loneliness and, above all, that they will find eternal hope in the Good News. It is God alone who can continue to use us to sow seeds of transformation and water the growth. Please join us in praying for the Lord to go before all of us—GFA’s partners, staff and missionaries—to change lives through each pillar of our ministry in 2024.

Pray for Clean Water to Draw Hearts to Living Water

After more than 40 years of ministry, the heartbeat of GFA World remains proclaiming Christ’s love. By God’s grace, GFA World has been able to give thousands of communities a vital gift: clean, safe, accessible water. For communities plagued by drought or water impurity, the gift of a Jesus Well or BioSand water filter can make everyday life easier and more productive, and it can save the lives of children and other at-risk groups by offering desperately needed access to hydration and protection from waterborne illness. Best of all, communities experience Christ’s love as they flourish with better health and better productivity.

Please pray God will use Jesus Wells and BioSand water filters to point people to the Living Water Jesus speaks of in John 4. Ask God to guide field leaders regarding how and when to install wells in each community.

Pray for More Women to be Restored and Empowered in Christ

GFA missionaries, especially women missionaries and Sisters of Compassion, serve and encourage women who have experienced trauma, grief, stigma and/or discrimination. Through ministries such as Women’s Fellowship groups, literacy classes and tailoring courses, women are finding restoration in Christ and gaining practical skills to live abundant lives.

Please ask God to help GFA missionaries find new ways to serve marginalized women in 2024 so these women can live whole, productive lives by God’s grace. Pray that the Lord will bring healing and restoration to the hearts of widows, single mothers and other women facing hardships.

Pray for At-Risk Children to Find Futures of Hope and Promise

Millions of children around the world experience abuse, neglect, grief, poverty or other hardships that threaten to rob their futures of hope, but GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program uplifts kids in some of the most at-risk situations. As these children and their parents experience Christ’s compassion through the program’s assistance, they are finding paths to opportunities that would never have been open to them before and gaining skills to fulfill His purposes for their lives. In 2023, we were able to start child sponsorship programs in Bangladesh for the first time, in addition to opening new programs in Rwanda and Sri Lanka, and we desire to see continued growth in 2024.

Please pray that God will open more doors for child sponsorship in many new regions and countries in 2024. Ask Him to provide committed staff members for each center. Pray that each child and each family in the program will experience the love of Christ.

Pray for Families to Experience God’s Caring Provision and Overcome Poverty

The income-generating tools and life-improving essentials provided through GFA World’s Christmas gift distribution are gifts that keep giving all year long—and often for many years to come. Gifts such as winter clothing, livestock and sewing machines show people the compassion of Christ and empower them to overcome cycles of generational poverty.

Praise God for the life-changing gifts donated by GFA’s partners last Christmas; pray that God will bless each gift as it makes its way to a grateful recipient. Pray He will guide our missionaries and field leaders regarding the most effective ways to distribute gifts in 2024.

Pray for More People to Hear the Good News

God gives GFA missionaries countless opportunities to share the Good News, whether it’s by praying for someone they meet in the marketplace, counseling a new visitor to their church, or traveling to a new village with a bag of literature. As our brothers and sisters on the field embrace these opportunities, they pray that more people will find eternal hope in the Lord.

Pray for God to transform more hearts by His love in 2024. Ask the Lord to shower GFA missionaries with His perseverance, discernment, favor and passion and to provide new opportunities to tell people of Christ.

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