Pray for Clean Water

“He turns a wilderness into pools of water, and dry land into watersprings.” —Psalm 107:35

So often in the Holy Scriptures, God uses water to illustrate who He is and what He does for us. He compares His blessing to streams for dry ground, describes His Spirit as water for a thirsty man and calls Himself the “fountain of living waters” (Isaiah 44:3; Jeremiah 2:13).

Just as God blesses, satisfies and gives us life, water has the power to bring fruitfulness to our communities, refreshment to our thirst and life to our bodies.

Yet, in many places throughout Africa and Asia, precious people are living in “dry lands” and have yet to experience the gift of abundant, clean water. Their knowledge of the Living Water—and the wholeness He brings—is even more limited.

This month, will you join us in asking God to bring water and hope to those still waiting in a “dry land”?

Pray for Smooth Installation of Clean Water Projects

Sometimes when our national missionaries are ready to drill or install a Jesus Well in a community, things don’t go as planned: an area is too rocky, the water table is too low, contractors are unwilling to tackle the job, or sudden opposition brings the entire project to a halt. Yet we know our God is the God who brings water out of rocks, and we have seen Him do miracles again and again to get water to those who need it most.

Please pray God will make a way for clean water to come to communities. Ask God to remove physical and spiritual obstacles standing in the way of people receiving the practical help a water project brings.

Pray for Clean Water to Bring Healing

The lack of safe, available water wreaks havoc in the lives of families and communities. It affects finances, as families sacrifice a day’s pay to fetch water or give up hard-earned wages to pay medical bills brought on by waterborne illness. It affects futures, as children—especially girls—neglect their studies to collect water for their families’ daily needs. It affects friendships, as water-starved neighbors fight over what little water is available.

Not only that, but the very water people need to live too often causes sickness, suffering and even death because it’s drawn from open, contaminated sources.

Having clean and accessible water brings the blessing and wholeness of Christ to families and communities, transforming what was once a source of desperation and brokenness into a source of life.

Please pray that, as precious people receive water filters and wells, God will “do a new thing” in these hurting communities and “give drink to [His] people” (Isaiah 43:19–21). Pray that through the gift of water, people will thrive and be at peace, both in their day-to-day lives and as they look to the future.

Pray for Clean Water to Unlock Hearts to the Living Water

“For He has satisfied the thirsty soul, and the hungry soul He has filled with what is good.” —Psalm 107:9 (NASB 1995)

Just as people suffer physically for lack of accessible, clean water, they suffer spiritually, too. Many have yet to encounter the healing and satisfaction that only Jesus Christ, the Living Water, can bring. Water projects allow communities to experience not just God’s practical care for them, but also His care for their hearts!

Please ask God to “satisfy thirsty souls” through these water projects, filling people’s hearts with His goodness and mercy.

Pray for Provision and Wisdom

GFA missionaries are dedicated to bringing water—and Living Water—to the communities they serve. But doing so requires resources to purchase the supplies and hire the labor necessary. And because there are limited resources, leaders need wisdom to know how to best use available funds to help the people in most desperate need.

Please pray for wisdom and direction for where to provide clean water and to whom. Pray God will provide the resources necessary to help even more people. Pray also that as these dedicated national missionaries serve their communities in every way possible, God will bless the areas where they minister, making them places of springs (Psalm 84:5–7).

Pray for Longevity

Jesus Wells and BioSand water filters are built to last, allowing people to use them day after day. As long as they are well maintained, these water projects can serve people for decades, providing an ongoing picture of God’s care and faithfulness.

Please pray for God’s protection over Jesus Wells and BioSand water filters. Pray they will be well maintained, will not break or dry up and will always remind people of God’s provision and love.

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