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Missionary Ashok



I was born on May 16, 1974 into a non-Christian family in India. I indulged in idol worship. Later, I married Pushpa, a believer.
My wife brought me to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Soon after marriage, a pastor came to our home and prayed for us. He also shared the Gospel with me. God began to speak to me as I read the Bible. I realized that Jesus was the only Savior.
Later, I received Him as my only God.
After my conversion, my parents rejected me, so I lost the relationship with my parents for the sake of Jesus. But deep within my heart, I felt an immense peace and joy.
I realized the urgency to share the Gospel among perishing souls. I prayed to God and expressed my desire to serve Him. God answered my prayers, and gave me an opportunity to serve Him full time.
While in the mission field, I felt the need of going to Bible school to do His ministry more effectively. Thus, I joined a GFA Bible school.

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