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Missionary Anil


I was born on June 14, 1978 into a non-Christian family in India.
I went to temples and worshipped a host of gods and goddesses.
When I visited my grandfather’s village, I noticed a Bible lying on my uncle’s table. I started reading it secretly and felt peace.
When I came home I was very sad. Days later, another uncle who was an evangelist visited me. When I asked him for a New Testament, he shared the Gospel with me. That very day, I received Jesus as my Savior.
Later, I faced a lot of problems and became discouraged. The Holy Spirit reminded me of God’s love for me. I then prayed for a worship center to be started in my village. Then a missionary came and shared the Gospel. As a result, some people came to the Lord and a prayer group was started.
As the days went by, I was burdened for lost souls. With the confirmation of God’s call, I enrolled in a GFA Bible school. Then I joined Gospel for Asia to do the ministry.

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