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Missionary Chandan


I was born May 21, 1986, into a non-Christian family in India. My family members were diligent followers of our faith and worshipped several gods and goddesses. But there was no peace in our lives.

As I grew up, I made friendship with bad people and started roaming with them. When my parents came to know about this they were greatly alarmed and counseled me to mend my ways. But I never paid heed to their words and rebelled against them and left home.

During this time, I happened to meet a pastor who was involved in evangelistic activities. He expounded the Word of God so well that I analyzed my life in the light of the Word. Thus, I understood that I was leading a wayward life. Without further delay, I confessed my sins and received Jesus as my personal Savior.

Having been received Jesus as my Savior, a strong desire grew in my heart to know Him more. One day, my pastor suggested me to study the Word thoroughly to know God better in a Bible School. I then gladly accepted his request and prayed for it. When I was confirmed of my calling, I enrolled in a Gospel for Asia Bible School to equip myself in the knowledge of the Word.

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