The South Karnataka Region

The South Karnataka Region is the most prosperous region of Karnataka, thanks to the IT revolution in the state capital of Bangalore. Because 60 percent of India’s software exports originate in Bangalore, it has been dubbed “Silicon City.”

The prosperity generated by the high-tech industry, however, has increased land values and forced out small businesses, traditionally the mainstay of India’s cities. Partly as a result, some 600,000 of Bangalore’s 6 million people live in slums.

The diverse people of the South Karnataka Region combine for a population of more than 16 million, speaking Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and English. Major people groups include the Soligas, Yeravas, Jenu Kurubas and Betta Kurubas.

The region enjoys moderate climate with annual rainfall varying according to the proximity of the district to the Western Ghats mountain range. Its rich agricultural output is largely dependent on the annual monsoon but is also aided by the Kaveri and Kabini rivers. Important crops include rice, cotton, corn, sugarcane and sunflower seeds.


The South Karnataka Region

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