The North Karnataka Region

The North Karnataka Region is made up of the four northernmost inland districts of the state and is in a desert-like area of India. And although the area has a four-season weather cycle, the summer temperatures reach as high as 114 degrees in the North Karnataka Region.

The region’s 8 million people live in more than 4,500 villages and 27 towns and cities in what is mainly an agricultural zone. The harvesting of silkworms joins dairy farming and the raising of poultry, sheep and goats as the primary economic endeavors.

The majority of the people are farm laborers, so there is much poverty in the region.

The predominant religions include Hinduism, Islam, Jainism and Sikhism. And while Kannada is the official state language, Hindi, Telugu, Marti and Punjabi, as well a numerous tribal languages, are also spoken.


The North Karnataka Region

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