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Sewing Machines Rescue Women from Poverty

“The slums of Mumbai alone—just the slums, not even the city—have somewhere around 14 million people and that's like over one and a half New York Citys.”
—Nathan, a behind-the-scenes missionary at Gospel for Asia

Providing men and women who live in the slums with sewing machines is one thing GFA-supported workers are doing to enable people to break out of the poverty they are trapped in.

Sometimes all it takes is a simple tool, given with a lot of love, to change a person’s life. Sewing machines provide consistent, dignified work that enables parents to provide for their families. Sewing machines bring hope for a better life and a way out of poverty.

Help Provide Sewing Machines

$100 provides a sewing machine and can help an individual start their own business and break out of the cycle of poverty.

Vocational Training Equips Women with
Life-changing Skills

GFA-supported workers organize vocational training, including tailoring classes, that makes it possible to learn a new trade and succeed. Through a six-month tailoring course, women learn how to sew blouses, trousers, undergarments and many other practical items they can sell to provide a healthy income for their families.

After completing tailoring classes, many graduates receive sewing machines,— which is only made possible through the generosity of people like you!

Give Vocational Training

$75 can equip women with necessary skills for occupations so they can break out of the cycle of poverty and provide better lives for their families.

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