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Open their eyes to an unreached world

The first time many Christians hear about the impact they can have amongst the unreached is at a Christian conference. While working alongside GFA staff and partners, you can have an exponential impact as you meet new people and share your heart for the lost.

Over a weekend or a full week, encourage your Christian brothers and sisters to join you in reaching the lost of Asia. You'll help dozens of national missionaries get the "senders" they need to take Jesus' love to an unreached village - and you might just have some fun doing it!

GFA World:

  • Provides necessary training
  • Pays conference fees
  • Pays housing expenses


  • Complete application process
  • Pay travel expenses
  • Pay for meals

Change the world with your spare time!

You're already excited about reaching the world with the gospel through national missionaries. Now, you can tell others about this exciting opportunity as well by volunteering with GFA at a Christian conference!

Imagine being the reason a whole village hears about Jesus for the first time, all because you shared Christ's passion for the lost and dying world at a conference. As you help national missionaries find sponsors, you'll be helping to reach more people with the Gospel.

For you, it means spending a few days with other Christians; for them, it will mean an eternity with Christ.

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