Race for Asia

Your short race can have an eternal impact!


Are you going to take part in an organised race? You can use your race to send more missionaries, or to help underprivileged children of South Asia. Whether on foot, on a bike, or on any other adventure, you can use your pursuit of fitness to help reach the most unreached in Asia.

Help other GFA supporters or start your own race here.

It's easy, too! You can start a sponsored run or activity online in a few simple steps:

  • Let us know about your decision so we can support you - sign-up
  • Enter a race or sporting event Decide what you would like to fundraise for: Race for the Unreached (Missionaries) or Race for Hope (Bridge of Hope Children)
  • Pray about your target amount
  • Set up an account at give.net fundraising for "Gospel for Asia (UK)"

If you Race for the Unreached or Race for Hope, we have resources to help you, and if you raise £500 or more we will send you a race shirt for the day of your event to help you raise awareness.

Race for the Unreached

Use your race to help send more missionaries. On average, it takes about £2,700 to support a missionary for an entire year, but any amount raised helps a missionary to reach another village with the love of Jesus. Find out more about National Missionaries.

Race for Hope

Can you raise £276? Then you can provide an entire year of change for an underprivileged child in South Asia. It only takes £23 to keep a child in the Bridge of Hope programme for a month, or £276 for a year.

Race for Hope is our programme to enable you to help more children in the Bridge of Hope programme. Find out more about Bridge of Hope.

Fund Your Passion

Passionate about Bibles, Jesus wells or leprosy ministry? If there's some other aspect of the work that God has given you a burden for, you can raise funds for that also by using give.net.

More Information and Sign-up:

Interested in the Race for Asia programme? Sign-up and we'll supply you with the things you need to raise funds for the unreached.

  • Sign-up for Race for Asia
  • Call our office on 0161 946 9484

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