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May 8, 2020 – A personal letter from KP Yohannan

It had been an ordinary day until that moment. My phone beeped, and I saw that I’d been sent a link.

I clicked on it, as I usually do, and that was when everything stopped being usual and ordinary.

My heart began to pound.

It was a report that one of the world’s largest mission agencies was starting to collapse. Accusations of financial mismanagement, donor deception, negligent board oversight and more filled the screen.

But what made it all the more devastating was that I was the one being written about, and it was our mission—GFA—that was in the crosshairs.

That account of the worst day of my life is from my book Never Give Up.

That text message started a sequence of events that, even now, I can barely believe could happen here in the United States.

Before we could even fully understand what was happening, we were accused of dishonesty, of using ministry money for personal gain and a lot more. We were in a blinding blizzard of charges.

Soon, we were embroiled in an intense legal struggle…trying to clear our name.

While we were ready to go public with our defense, our professional advisors told us to remain publicly silent for legal reasons regarding the court case.

It was a perfect storm. The rumors spread like wildfire; we were besieged with questions, and we were advised “don’t respond.”

As you can imagine, our income dropped like a rock. Sadly, many friends read the allegations, were confused, and stopped sending their support.

Over the next couple of years, one thing led to another…and in the end, I was presented with having to make one of the most challenging decisions of my life.

Here were the choices I faced.

  1. Continue the legal struggle. We KNEW we were innocent, but the legal costs and the impact on our support were so devastating that if we had chosen this option, the ministry could not have survived another year or two, and we would have been forced to close.

  2. Try to reach a settlement with those making the allegations. That settlement included having to agree to essentially refund MILLIONS of dollars in contributions. But at least, with this option, the whole mountain would be behind us.

What a choice!

I’ve always believed that God has a great purpose for our ministry in the United States:

  • Yes, you the friends of GFA have provided millions of dollars to underwrite our work in Asia. I believe there are hundreds of thousands in the Kingdom today as a result of your investment in world missions and in GFA.
  • But I also believed that God would use us to call the Church in America back to His mandate: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

My book Revolution in World Missions laid out a challenge to the Church as a whole to move from their self-centeredness and return to the Great Commission.

My conclusion was that God’s purposes for us here in the United States were not over.

God's purposes

for us here in the United States were not over.

So, as I looked at the two options, and after much prayer and countless hours of Godly counsel, I knew what I had to do, even though I hated the impact of the decision.

With no admission of guilt ... we had to settle the case.

I knew that we had always acted with integrity, but in order to be able to prove ourselves, we hired one of the very top accounting firms in the U.S. to conduct an objective analysis of the flow of Gospel for Asia's funds to the field. After a VERY detailed and expensive study, they concluded that every dollar intended for use on the field had been sent. We’re grateful that in the end, the final court document concluded that both parties “mutually stipulate that all donations designated for use in the field were ultimately sent to the field.”

Over the past year or more, we’ve lived with that settlement. Frankly, it’s been both heartbreaking and amazing. Heartbreaking that we’ve had to essentially refund literally millions of contributed dollars that would have otherwise gone to help the poor…and amazing that, so far, we’ve been able to raise the needed funds.

I am SO grateful that many friends who received a settlement check simply returned the funds so they could be used to forward the work of the ministry.

And in the midst of all of this, I am so grateful to the Lord for the impact we’ve had even while the storm raged.

138,000 children received food, medical care, and an education since Bridge of Hope started in 2004


children received food, medical care, and an education since GFA's Bridge of Hope started in 2004

300,000 blankets given to the poor


blankets were given to the poor and needy in 2019

More than half a million people experienced the love of Christ in 2018

Half a million

people experienced the love of Christ in 2018

1,267 medical camps held in needy or remote communities


medical camps conducted in remote or needy communities in 2019

4,856 Jesus Wells drilled in communities needing clean water

37.5 million

have clean water through Jesus Wells and water filters, since the clean water projects began in 2000

And I am so grateful for the friendship and support of so many national and international leaders and of our Board of Directors. Men such as Francis Chan have stood with us through it all, as has George Verwer of Operation Mobilization! I am so honored to call these men my friends.

And of course, I am so grateful to my dear friends and sponsors who have stood with us.

So that brings us to today and the reason for my letter:

Right now, we need to raise a final $11 million to put this period of darkness behind us. That’s an enormous amount of money, but this is His work, and I know He can provide.

Do you remember the three Hebrew boys who were going to be put into the fiery furnace? We read in Daniel, chapter 3:17–18, they said to the King: “He will deliver us.”

If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to deliver us from it, and He will deliver us from Your Majesty’s hand.

That’s where I am! I am anchoring my faith on “the God we serve is able to deliver us from it…”

But I still end my prayer with “Thy will be done.” So, I stand with those young men in saying, “But even if He does not, we want you to know, Your Majesty, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.”

So that, too, is my commitment: Even if God has different plans than mine, we will not bow to the enemy of our souls. We will not stop proclaiming the Gospel! We will not back down!

This attack against GFA was designed in the first place to hinder the work of the Lord. It was designed to silence us.
But it will fail.
This attack against GFA was designed in the first place to hinder the work of the Lord. It was designed to silence us. But it will fail.

Now—that is where we are. That is our commitment. We stand at the door of the furnace and repeat, “You will deliver us, but even if You don’t, we trust You!”

So, may I ask you: Will you stand with us again? Will you prayerfully ask the Lord if you should help us by responding to this need?

If you believe in the mission of GFA, if you believe that our mission must continue, then please prayerfully consider responding today.

I’m so grateful for those of you who have already sent in funds to help us with this payment, but much is still needed. Whether you can give major gifts of $500, $5,000, $50,000 or any amount—or if you can give a lesser amount—please know we will carefully use every gift to reach more people with the love of Christ.

If you are not able to help financially, would you please consider taking a day or two to fast and pray for the Lord to do a miracle on our behalf? And if you know someone who can help us, please share this need with them to see if they can help us during this time.

There are still untold millions who need to hear the Good News, and the opportunities are amazing.

The only remaining obstacle is this lawsuit settlement. But with your help and prayers, I am confident we can overcome and continue sharing God’s love with “the least of these.”

“We want to give this gift to support your ministry's ongoing work and to show that there are many who stand behind you and trust God's work through your ministry and team.” —Bethany, GFA donor since 2008

2019 Year in Review

To God Be the Glory!

Looking back over the years we’ve been dealing with this attack, God’s merciful hand can be seen in everything—especially the steadfast support received from partners around the world. GFA began more than 40 years ago, believing God’s love and mercy are the answers for all people—particularly those in Asia, where the needs are so great. And He has been faithful to honor that belief in every ministry venture we’ve undertaken.

Our heart and passion have always been—and always will be—to bring the love of Christ to the most hurting and broken in our generation.

In just one year alone—amidst growing opposition—GFA continued to share the love and compassion of Christ throughout 20 nations. In spite of increased persecution and difficulties, hundreds of thousands of precious lives have been impacted with the love of God and changed for all eternity.

4,856 Jesus Wells drilled in communities needing clean water


Jesus Wells drilled in communities needing clean water

12,243 BioSand water filters given to families or individuals


BioSand water filters given to families or individuals

1,267 medical camps held in needy or remote communities


medical camps conducted in remote or needy communities

300,000 blankets given to the poor


blankets given to the poor

872 slums where GFA ministers


slums are experiencing hope through GFA’s ministry

59,888 adult women learned how to read and write


adult women learned how to read and write

138,000 children received food, medical care, and an education since Bridge of Hope started in 2004


children received food, medical care, and an education through GFA's Bridge of Hope

6,529 sewing machines given to women and men as a source of income


sewing machines given to women and men as a source of income

What Other People Are Saying About GFA

Gospel for Asia Lawsuit Update - Francis Chan

Francis Chan

“K.P. has been a mentor to me for years. The way that he speaks to God and about Him is different from anyone else I know. His words and actions have led to me loving Jesus more consistently and deeply. He is the first to admit shortcomings in his life, but he continues to be an example to me. For this, I am eternally grateful.”

—Francis Chan, pastor and author of “Crazy Love”

Bethany GFA Donor

Bethany, GFA Donor

“We've been praying for your ministry and seen the hardship caused by the accusations against you. We want to give this gift to support your ministry's ongoing work and to show that there are many who stand behind you and trust God's work through your ministry and team. We are praying for your future impact and the staff and field workers that the Lord has put in place to accomplish it.”

—Bethany from Washington, GFA donor since 2008

Gospel for Asia Lawsuit Update - George Verwer

George Verwer

“Gospel for Asia is not a movement but a phenomenon. GFA has become one of the most significant mission organizations of this century.

“I praise God for the great love and commitment of KP and Gisela Yohannan for the people of Asia. Millions have received the Word of God because of them and the ministry of Gospel for Asia.”

—George Verwer, founder of Operation Mobilization and world missions advocate

Grace, GFA Donor

“Any work of God that shakes the kingdom of Satan must tested to the maximum. Just like Nehemiah was opposed from all directions, when he was building the wall. Eventually, it was completed! Never give up!”

—Grace from Texas, GFA donor since 2016

Gospel for Asia Lawsuit Update - Bill Atwood

Bishop Bill Atwood

“Having been personally involved in missions in dozens of countries for decades, I can say that what God is doing through KP Yohannan and Gospel for Asia is a move of God. I have seen the work on the field firsthand, and how finances are handled; it was the most comprehensive accounting I’ve encountered. I’ve also worked closely with GFA’s leader and can personally attest that this is not only a remarkable ministry that is being used by God, it is operated with the most professional integrity imaginable.”

—The Rt. Rev. Dr. Bill Atwood, Dean for International Affairs for the Anglican Church in North America and Bishop of the International Diocese

Jeanie, GFA Donor

“I am not able to go to the field, however, by partnering with GFA I’m able to be directly involved with the Lord’s work overseas. My money could not be better spent!”

—Jeanie from Nevada, GFA donor since 2009

Gospel for Asia Lawsuit Update - Steve Marquez

Pastor Steve Marquez

“I have always known Gospel for Asia as powerful prayer warriors and a group of humble people who seek to know Christ and make Him known.”

—Pastor Steve Marquez

Gospel for Asia Lawsuit Update - Palmer Holt

Palmer Holt

“Years ago I came across Gospel for Asia and quickly realized they were the only large-scale international ministry I knew of that operated like the First Century Church. They were humble, devout, pious, going to the poorest of the poor, willing to suffer life-threatening persecution, and doing works like those recorded in the Book of Acts -- preaching the Word with signs and wonders following (deliverance from demonic oppression, healings, miracles, raising from the dead), making disciples and then sending those out. Because of this, I felt the Lord told me to offer my services for free, which they lovingly accepted. Still walking with GFA today because the heart of this ministry and its work haven’t changed. They are still doing the works of Jesus among the least of these, to the glory of God and fulfillment of His Kingdom.”

—Palmer Holt, President, InChrist Communications

Jeff Lutes

“I traveled to South Asia and discovered Gospel for Asia has been uniquely raised up 'for such a time as this.' Only God's sovereign power could explain how 'earthen vessels' make such a dramatic difference. ...

“The faces of shining students receiving love reflect the dynamic difference the Holy Spirit makes. An elderly man was jumping for joy because of the dignity restored to him in empowering him to provide for himself. A single mother enabled to support her family was teaching 15 other women a trade. Clean water in Jesus' name is a marvel! I could go on and on to speak of the amazing Bible schools and the remarkable changes occurring. Suffice it to say, spending time with Brother K.P. personally reiterated to me that it is all so simple: God loves Asia, and He demonstrates it every day through GFA.”

—Rev. Jeff Lutes, president and founder of International Harvesters for Christ, Canada

Ruth, GFA Donor

“I have been a supporter of GFA for many years, and I hold your organization in highest regard. I will be praying for favor for all of you, and a speedy resolution to the matter.”

—Ruth from Florida, GFA donor since 1994

Lynda, GFA Donor

“I stand in support with GFA and praise God for empowering you to always obey Jesus’ Great Commission; to go into all the world and preach the Gospel, making disciples and baptizing them in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

“I am thankful for GFA's dependence on God and their heart to seek Him always and honor and glorify His Name.

“I value your faithfulness and that you are earnest in continuing in prayer and intercession always for that which is of utmost importance to our dear Lord Jesus.”

—Lynda from New Hampshire, GFA donor since 1997

Brandon GFA Donor

Brandon, GFA Donor

“I am so relieved that the lawsuit was come to an end. I have prayed for that the Lord would guard and protect the ministry of Gospel for Asia from the class action lawsuit. I support GFA just as strongly as ever, and I continue to pray for the ministry. I believe this class action lawsuit in the USA is nothing more than spiritual warfare against the ministry of Gospel for Asia. So, I continue to lift up the ministry of Gospel for Asia to the Lord that He will protect the ministry from the evil one. I know that I prayed for the Lord to send me to India as a missionary, and the Lord lead me to Gospel for Asia instead. I realized I could have a bigger impact by supporting native missionaries than me going myself.”

—Brandon from Texas, GFA Donor since 2006

Gospel for Asia Lawsuit Update - Greg Gordon

Greg Gordon

“I have seen firsthand the work in Asia, the training of ministry leaders, churches, and Bridge of Hope centers. Frugality, simplicity and godly wisdom is obvious in all the work. Everything is done for an eternal purpose with longevity of a church in mind where millions are experiencing Christ love who have never heard the name of Jesus. Dr. KP Yohannan has emulated this example of sacrifice and commitment to Jesus.”

“Jesus said I am building my church and surely, we have witnessed this in the last 40 years with Gospel for Asia. I have personally walked in Asia down dirt roads where faithful brothers and sisters have brought the love of Christ to those who have never known it before. I have seen the seminaries and leadership of the Church. All I can say is that I am in awe of what God has done and is continuing to do. Eternity will show forth the fruit of all the Lord has done.”

“Visiting with KP Yohannan in his home and office, all I can say is that I have been blown away by his frugality, simplicity and love for the Lord. It has been a joy to have SermonIndex journey with GFA in seeing so many come to experience the love of God. ‘Know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain’ (1 Corinthians 15:58).”

—Greg Gordon, founder of

Kevin and Crystal, GFA Donors

“The main reason I like supporting GFA is, that I believe every decision is bathed in prayer.”

—Kevin and Crystal from Wyoming, GFA donors since 2009

Gospel for Asia Lawsuit Update - Chip Lusko

Chip Lusko

“I have known Brother K.P., the staff and ministry of Gospel for Asia for nearly 40 years. I know the leadership, the team, and more importantly, I have been to Asia and seen the work firsthand. I have been to Bridge of Hope centers, villages where they minister to those with leprosy, water projects, hospitals, churches and so much more. Gospel for Asia has had a phenomenal impact on an area of the world with tremendous needs. I cannot state too strongly how much I endorse the people of GFA, their mission and their vision for the future.”

—Chip Lusko, Calvary Chapel pastor

Gospel for Asia Lawsuit Update - Archbishop Ray Sutton

Archbishop Ray Sutton

“Gospel for Asia is a hundred-fold, fruit-bearing ministry for Jesus Christ! They are that good soil our Lord called for His disciples to be, bearing fruit ‘a hundred-fold, sixty, and thirty’ (Matthew 13:23). GFA has multiplied the Word of God unlike any other ministry I have known in my forty years of ordained service. They have done so because they have been receptive with purity of heart to the Word of God likened to Seed. They have ‘let the Word of Christ richly dwell within them’ (Colossians 3:16). Consequently, they have born an abundant amount of spiritual, good fruit for the Lord. And this is the ultimate standard for measuring good ministry, ‘You shall know them by their fruits’ (Matthew 7:16). I thank the Lord for this good-soil ministry.”

—Archbishop Ray Sutton, Presiding Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church

Mark and Carol, GFA Donors

"GFA is one of the few ministries that I support because it is very obvious that God is with you and you are doing amazing things for His kingdom. So sorry to hear about the persecution that you have been dealing with. But take courage, God is on your side and He will provide."

—Mark & Carol from California, GFA donors since 1995

Gospel for Asia Lawsuit Update - David Mains

Dr. David R. Mains

“For half my life I have known and worked closely with Dr. KP Yohannan…that's over four decades.

“From its early days up until the present I have witnessed firsthand the incredible growth of the Believers Eastern Church throughout Asia. It is an amazing testimony to the life-changing power of the Gospel and also to K.P.'s remarkable leadership skills.

“I have seen his understanding of the Christian faith expand in ever so many positive ways. More recently, I have watched him respond humbly to the criticisms of those who for whatever reasons have attacked him.

“His preaching still stirs my soul.

“I believe 100% in his integrity and am honored to serve as one of GFA's Board of Directors.”

—Dr. David R. Mains, Chapel of the Air radio broadcaster and founder of the 50-Day Spiritual Adventure

Gospel for Asia Lawsuit Update - Patrick Johnstone

Patrick Johnstone

“Gospel for Asia has become one of the more significant pioneer missionary agencies with a good accountability structure. . . . They are doing an excellent job.”

—Patrick Johnstone, author of six editions of Operation World

Joyce, GFA Donor

“I am so thankful how God has seen you folks through this unbelievable trial. When K.P mentioned not knowing at times whether the organization would survive, I gasped, and could not be more thankful that it has. It is a profound privilege to be able to give to help these beautiful people.

—Joyce from Washington, GFA donor since 2005

Gospel for Asia Lawsuit Update - Jason and Melanie GFA Donors

Jason and Melanie, GFA Donors

“It's a gift to [us] to be able to sow into this ministry. It's been everything to us. It's a blessing for us to be able to [give].”

—Jason and Melanie from Texas, GFA donors since 2006

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