Gospel for Asia’s founder and director, Dr. KP Yohannan, is now blogging online at Patheos.com.

The Patheos.com site features blogs by writers representing many different perspectives and worldviews on matters of faith. Dr. Yohannan is one of the leading evangelicals blogging on the Patheos site.

Dr. Yohannan is also presenting numerous personal book reviews, poems and spiritual challenges at KPYohannan.org.

In addition to his oversight of GFA and its affiliated ministries around the globe, Dr. Yohannan is a prolific writer with more than 10 books published in the United States and more than 200 in Asia. First published in 1986, his book Revolution in World Missions foresaw a global change in methodology for how the Good News would be shared in the coming decades. Today, there are 4 million copies in print, and there has been a nearly universal adoption of his vision of working with national missionaries.

The driving force behind Dr. Yohannan’s blogs is always about loving and following God and sharing Christ’s incomparable love with others. That principle and his passion are clearly evidenced in “Love is All About Sharing,” a column on Patheos in which he explains that “the whole purpose of the Church in this world can be summed up in that one word: sharing.” He reasons that we must go beyond receiving God’s love; it is about sharing it with others.

The same thread weaves through Our Service Must Be Rooted in Him, published on Patheos on March 5. In this blog, Dr. Yohannan relates the true story of something out of the ordinary that occurred during a meeting of key church leaders in South Asia. The work was being accomplished and lives were being changed. But the Lord intervened in an amazing way. Click the link to the article at the beginning of this paragraph to learn the rest of this amazing story!

In yet another post, Dr. Yohannan explains that loving others is the only way to respond with compassion and understanding to others. In his own inimitable way and conversational style, Dr. Yohannan doesn’t simply tell readers about the need to understand and have compassion on everyone we meet. He doesn’t simply say, “Go and do this.” He shares a remarkable story from the Bible that demonstrates how Jesus acted with compassion when his cousin was confused and questioning his faith in a difficult situation. The illustration is reflective of Jesus’ pattern of demonstrating compassion and understanding.

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GFA Founder, KP Yohannan, Is Evangelical Columnist on Patheos

Photo Cutline: KP Yohannan periodically shares his thoughts to encourage and challenge readers in these life changing blogs.

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