NEW DELHI, India – Gospel for Asia (GFA) will observe World Water Day on March 22 by quenching the thirst and ensuring the health of thousands across South Asia who benefit from its “Jesus Wells,” water filters and sanitation stations.

As World Water Day focuses the spotlight on the 750 million worldwide who lack access to safe water, 3.4 million in Asia alone die each year from water-related diseases.

Finding water that will not cause sickness, or even death in this region of the world can be difficult. Severe drought has depleted rivers. Many people can find only surface water, such as filthy lakes and ponds, which are contaminated with deadly waterborne illnesses. Women and children are forced to walk for hours to find water that may lead to their death.

“We offer clean, life-giving water to all people, regardless of their caste, creed or religious background,” said Dr. K.P.Yohannan, GFA founder and international director. “The Lord has used our efforts to bring clean water to the suffering. They receive healthy, life-sustaining support. This gift of free water is one more way we are able to demonstrate the love of Jesus for those in need.”

GFA can build a single “Jesus Well” for only $1,400. It provides water for an entire village and also provides the opportunity to practically show the love of Christ.

Across South Asia, people are thirsty.

"Almost all rivers are dry right now," shared one Gospel for Asia worker. But the water shortage in his village was just beginning. "The real drought will come in the summer days... We have to wait almost six and a half months for the rain to come."

A "Jesus Well" makes a profound impact for villages like this one. Once it is operational, the villagers have enough water for basic needs, such as cooking, washing and bathing. It also encourages the families in the area to be shown there is a God who cares about their needs.

GFA also provides BioSand portable water filters that remove harmful substances and produce clear, clean drinking water. The portable filters don’t need electricity, so they’re perfect for those who live in remote villages.

Toilets are also a life-saving measure GFA provides. In India as a whole, about half of 1.2 billion people have no household toilets, and in many villages, up to two-thirds of the homes do not have toilets. The lack of clean water and proper sanitation is directly linked to the spread of diseases, such as cholera and typhus. Nearly 1.5 million deaths each year are caused by diarrhea, which kills more children than malaria, AIDS and measles combined.

“The life-saving supplies and clean water that we bring to this region will help people flourish in the face of suffering,” said Yohannan.”

GFA will continue to bring aid to those who are suffering long after World Water Day has passed. More information about its efforts to bring clean water to South Asia can be found at

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