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WILLS POINT, Texas, Nov. 23, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- For Christians looking to find a better way to spend their holiday dollars than on numerous gifts from dozens of stores, Gospel for Asia's ( (GFA) "Forgotten Christmas" campaign offers them a chance to demonstrate the compassion of Christ to people half a world away.

Photo: Gospel for Asia's "Forgotten Christmas" video (, which can be shown by churches and small groups, helps Christians refocus on the real meaning of Christmas and give out of their abundance to those in need.

"Too often, we stress our patience and our budget buying items for people who really don't need, or in some cases, really don't want them," said Dr. K. P. Yohannan, founder and international director of Gospel for Asia. "But with a simple purchase from GFA's Christmas catalog, we are able to give a gift that actually changes the life of an individual, a family and sometimes even an entire community through the love of Jesus."

Pastors can request a copy of Gospel for Asia's free "Forgotten Christmas" video and materials, which showcase a family as it prepares for Christmas with house decorations and shopping. The video reminds viewers they have received another precious gift -- the knowledge that Jesus loves them. They "can give something greater than gifts that fit under a tree. They can give something that will truly change lives."

The heartfelt video ( serves as an introduction to the free Gospel for Asia Christmas Gift Catalog, with its array of life-affirming gifts designed specifically to help "the least of these" across South Asia.

The Gospel for Asia catalog features a wide variety of items that can transform lives for individuals, families and whole villages. With options ranging from goats, pigs and rabbits to bicycles, blankets and sewing machines, Christians can use their holiday gift-giving dollars to demonstrate the meaning of Christianity in a concrete and meaningful way.

"We need to ask ourselves, if we saw Joseph and Mary outside the inn on Christmas Eve, would we have helped?" asked Yohannan. "The video and catalog make it easy for pastors and small-group leaders to vividly demonstrate to their congregation how to avoid the many distractions we face during this season and focus directly on Christ's call to reach out to the least of these."

"The video serves as a simple reminder of the joy that this season is all about -- and how we can be part of sharing that joy around the world," said Yohannan.

Additional information about "Forgotten Christmas" is available at A free resource kit for churches and small groups is also available by visiting

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"Forgotten Christmas" ( was established in 2010 to help Christians rediscover the true meaning of Christmas and take part in giving to others in need. Since that time, its videos and catalogs have been used by hundreds of churches to challenge Christians to give to "the least of these" in South Asia.

Gospel for Asia ( is a mission organization sharing the love of Jesus across South Asia.