Provide a church building that holds up to 300 people

Each $15,400 provides a place of worship for believers in Asia.

Common Questions about Church Buildings in Asia

What makes a church building so valuable and necessary for believers in Asia?

  • The ability to gather in homes for worship may not exist in the future. In some regions where we serve, the ability for believers to gather for worship in people’s homes could soon be severely hindered. The construction of a concrete church building for local believers means they will still be able to gather together and worship the Lord.
  • Church buildings help the local community recognize Christ’s worth. Just as national missionaries serve their people in the way they need to be served—speaking their language and operating within their culture—church buildings communicate the glory of God to the people of Asia in a way they need to see it. To people who have practiced religion in a set-apart structure all their lives, and who are careful to demonstrate respect when they do so, Christians without a church building seem irreverent.
  • Church buildings give non-believers more opportunity to seek Christ. A constructed place of worship welcomes non-believers. Approaching a believer’s home for a worship service may make some non-Christians feel uncomfortable, but many will view the church building as open to the public and will feel welcome to seek answers and prayer there throughout the week.
  • Church buildings help support discipleship of believers. Church buildings are hubs of ministry all week long. They help facilitate discipleship activities for the believers and serve as sanctuaries for them to come and pray throughout the week.
  • Here are a few more ways these buildings can be helpful:
  • Congregations will be sheltered from the weather.
  • If there’s a natural disaster, the church can conduct relief work from the building.
  • The church can host ministry programs for the community.
  • The church can conduct weddings, funerals, prayer meetings and other special events.

Why are these church buildings priced at $15,400 when I’ve seen them priced between $10,000–$40,000 on your website and Christmas Gift Catalog?

Multiple factors affect the cost of a church building, one of which is the size of the structure.

Because our hope and our field partner’s plans are to see these churches constructed as soon as possible, these 1,500 buildings we are writing about are being built using the same blueprint. Each of these churches will be able to hold up to 300 people. These factors make the cost structure more uniform and the build time quicker than the typical churches we have provided.

Another reason why churches cost between $10,000–$40,000 is to facilitate growth. In the past, some of the congregations we’ve helped construct church buildings for have, by God’s grace, quickly outgrown their structure and have needed to build additions. In anticipation of this and to save on the cost of renovation, we’ve started constructing some church buildings to seat up to 500 people, which increases the price but is much more cost effective for the future. Other church buildings, especially in smaller villages, do not need to hold as many people, thus making the cost much cheaper.

Construction expenses—the costs of materials, labor and land, if it isn’t donated—also vary, depending on the region.

Our aim is to use resources as effectively as possible and to construct each church building with quality and an appearance that glorifies Christ.

If some churches can hold up to 500 people, why not give toward a larger church building that costs $40,000 instead of a smaller one?

Please give as the Lord directs you.

Our request is to see 1,500 church buildings funded that cost approximately $15,400 each as soon as it is possible because our field partners have made it known that a need exists for this. Any amount you donate toward church buildings, no matter how large or small, will be preferenced for the purposes of seeing these 1,500 churches provided.

If the Lord directs you to give $40,000 toward church buildings, then you will have helped provide for the construction of more than two church buildings, which will hold 300 people each.

Each $15,400 provides a place of worship for believers in Asia.

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