There Is A Bridge

A song about Gospel for Asia's Child Sponsorship Program

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There Is A Bridge
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The Dream

K.P. Yohannan

Have you ever wondered how the Child Sponsorship Program was started? In chapter 13 of Revolution In World Missions, K.P. Yohannan describes how GFA's Child Sponsorship Program started.

Read Chapter 13: Hope Has Many Names

Chapter 13

Did You Know?

For millions of children in Asia a toothbrush is a luxury item. Clean clothes are a dream. A pillow to lay down one's head, unknown. The prevalence of malnourishment in India is among the highest in the world and in places nearly double that of Sub-Saharan Africa. And worse, most have never conceived of a God that loves them. Read more about GFA's Child Sponsorship Program.

About GFA's Child Sponsorship Program

What does a child receive in Gospel for Asia's Child Sponsorship Program?

  1. The opportunity to hear that they are valued and loved by their Creator. Your child will learn Bible verses, stories and songs that clearly present the message of Jesus' love and His redemptive sacrifice. They will hear this through the Gospel.
  2. Education. This includes tuition, books and uniforms. But even more significant, learning to read and write means that a future of hope is guaranteed.
  3. Nutrition. During the school day, your sponsored child will receive a healthy, balanced meal.
  4. Medical care. The Child Sponsorship Program leaders who care for the child you sponsor will monitor his or her health and provide care as needed. Extra attention is given in areas where malaria or tuberculosis is prevalent. In addition to periodic checkups and medical treatment, children also learn basic habits of good hygiene, such as washing hands, trimming fingernails and bathing regularly.
  5. Development of social skills and self-confidence. From the earliest ages in kindergarten, children are given opportunities to play games and practice basic rules of courtesy.

Sponsor a Child

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