Satisfy Their Thirst with Clean Water

One of the greatest threats to impoverished communities in Africa and Asia is the lack of available, clean water. In response to the need of more than 2 billion people who are still without access to safe drinking water, GFA World is providing clean water—and the Living Water—through Jesus Wells and BioSand water filters.

You can help rescue people at risk from contaminated water, one community at a time. By providing them with a clean water source, such as a Jesus Well, or by installing BioSand water filters in individual homes that turn dirty, contaminated water into clean drinking water, we can save lives. More importantly, as we offer these practical expressions of Christ’s love, many are introduced to Him for the first time.

Would you partner with us in providing clean water to those in need? $50 helps provide clean water for 10 people for 10–20 years; $1,400 can do the same for an entire village! Please join us in supplying Jesus Wells and BioSand water filters—and showing Christ’s love—to people in greatest need in Africa and Asia.

Give Clean Water, Fresh Hope!

You can help change tragic outcomes caused by water scarcity and waterborne diseases. Help provide families and entire communities with clean, safe drinking water, and give them fresh hope.

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