Show Christlike Compassion to Widows and Abandoned Children

Join us in providing urgently needed care for widows and abandoned children at terrible risk throughout the countries we serve.

There are tens of thousands of abandoned and neglected widows and children who are heartbroken and desperate. Widows in Asia and Africa are often rejected by their own family members, multiplying their grief and leaving them struggling to survive. Thrust into a destitute existence, these precious women and their children may resort to begging or other dismal means just to eat. They are vulnerable to exploitation, trafficking and being subjected to slave labor.

GFA World has ongoing, life-saving ministry to neglected and abandoned widows and children. Our national workers, churches and Sisters of Compassion help these precious individuals by providing much-needed food, clothing and medical care. They also provide income-generating gifts and offer literacy classes and vocational training to enable young widows to earn an income and to feed and educate their children. They offer hope and love in the midst of affliction.

Join the Rescue Effort

Your gift will help rescue destitute widows and children from a life of exploitation and poverty and let them find hope in Christ.

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