Women's Ministry in Asia

Watch Videos about the plight of women across Asia.


Unloved, underfed and forced to work since the age of 5, Ruth had long wondered why her father hated her. When she finally worked up the courage to ask, he shouted back at her, “You should have been a boy!”

Ruth's Story - You should have been a boy!


Faced with one of life’s most difficult decisions this desperate widow had nowhere to turn. Her story is echoed thousands of times by widows in South Asia. She struggles for survival. Yet through it all her faith in Christ remains strong.

Widow - To Sin or Die


In many Asian cultures, it is wrong for a woman to interact with a man who is not her husband. That is why a woman missionary is the perfect solution! Listen to these sisters' testimonies and see their passion to reach women with God's love.

Women Missionaries: Offering Hope


The greatest challenge for a woman in Asia today is to simply survive through a normal lifespan. From birth — and even before birth — to death, a burden of oppression follows her through all the stages of her life, threatening her very existence.

Bringing Hope to Desperate Women


More than one in three women in Asia are illiterate—and the statistic holds true for women in Gospel for Asia-supported churches. Their inability to read leaves them vulnerable to those wanting to manipulate their ignorance. Help them read.

Over 250 Million Women in Asia are Illiterate


Watch the beautiful story of Bible woman Jaishri. Like most Asian women, Jaishri has had an incredibly tough life. Yet, out of the ashes, God has raised up a powerful testimony of His grace and love.

Jaishri - Bible Woman


See how one simple tool provided income for a family in desperate need. Unable to feed her children, this widow cried out to God. See how her prayer was answered.

One Widow’s Answered Prayer


Kanga turned from her “unhearing gods” to the true and living God. There she was miraculously healed of cancer and found peace and strength. Though she was shunned by her family and neighbors she continued to persevere.

One Woman’s Journey (1 of 2) All Hope Was Lost


After Sister Kanga was healed and found the peace of Christ she was compelled to share it with others. She ‘adopted’ a nearby village and began sharing the Gospel of Christ.

One Woman’s Journey (2 of 2) Hope Was Revealed to an Entire Village


One of my friends in Asia shared how her father had rejected her as a child simply because she was a girl. And I kept coming across stories of women who were cruelly abused by those who should love them most. The plight of Asia’s women is very hard.

Broken Daughters Music Video


After her husband died, Mula and her four children were struggling to survive. The Lord showed His provision to them through Bridge of Hope, and Tailoring classes, eventually making His home in their hearts.

Mula: A Widow's Story


She has been abandoned by her husband and left to provide for her children. This mother is searching for hope in a hopeless place. It appears that suicide is the only way to ease the pain and hurt. Watch her story to get a glimpse into her life.

The Cries of a Mother

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