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Jesus WellsinfoJesus Wells

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$60 $50 $50
Women's Literacy PrograminfoWomen's Literacy Program $45 $40 $40
Persecution Relief Fund infoPersecution Relief Fund $40 $40 $40
Flood ReliefinfoFlood Relief $40 $35 $35
Child Hope PacketinfoChild Hope Packet $35 $30
BioSand Water FilterinfoBioSand Water Filter $5
BlanketsinfoBlankets $5
Mosquito NetsinfoMosquito Nets $5
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Share the love of Christ with one of the bundles above. The items found in these bundles provide care for those in need. Help disadvantaged women learn to read, aid persecuted Christians and help supply a village with fresh water. Through the purchase of one of these bundles, lives will be changed.

100% of donations preferenced for use on the field is sent to the field.
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